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Posted by: Krzys

GUI Size - 12/24/14 06:14 PM


Thanks for the great work on these plugins. If i was to have one request for your plugins, it would be connected to the GUI....specifically:
N2O is such an intensive plugin and it would benefit from a size increase of...maybe 25%. There is a lot going on with this plugin and it oftentimes feels cramped.
NEON: the eq curve display would benefit from a bit more height/width...the rest of the plugin is fine. I know one can zoom in but often times the space to see the curve is still too small.
42/84/85/...all a touch too small....+20% would be great.

Now so as to give you a reference point, i am using a 27" 2560 x 1440 display. At that size plugins can begin to be very small. Especially if one keeps their display at a safe viewing distance.

Aside from that, your plugin are great! Use them on every single project with good success. Good fortune for you in the upcoming years.


Posted by: cheekypaul

Re: GUI Size - 02/04/18 11:10 AM

I agree with Krzysztof.
I would like to see a brush up / update on the GUI too.
Any updates for this one in the pipeline?
Posted by: miropajic

Re: GUI Size - 02/28/18 06:22 PM


N2o is great but GUI size is very uncomfy wink
Posted by: evo2slo

Re: GUI Size - 07/15/18 09:02 AM

Agreed with all above. N2O is a great modulation plugin - the filters sound amazing - but I find myself not using it often just because the GUI is so difficult to work with. Please enlarge.

Thanks to PSP for your wonderful work!