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#10156 - 01/23/15 04:45 PM Speed *toggle* in L'otary, please!
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Hi Guys,

L'otary is FANTASTIC! I just bought it, undemoed.

For many years, I had an M100 and a 122 and L'otary is definitely the Leslie FX that comes closest to the real thing (even counting the s/w Leslie in my Crumar MOJO).

I also love the amount of tweakability that you have built in. I tend to prefer somewhat slower decelaration rates than the defaults – no problems! :-D

The mechanica tremolo 'whoosh' is wonderful (but I do miss the click of the solenoid, which is optionally present in Guido's VB3 Leslie sim!).

I have one serious gripe, though, when it comes to controlling chorale/tremolo speed change.

While it's logical that the mod wheel works as a continuous controller, the sustain pedal is a momentary switch and it should, IMHO, work as a TOGGLE: you hit it once, the rotors speed up, you hit it again and the rotors slow down down.

Having to sit with the foot pressed on the pedal in order to retain tremolo speed is tiring and unergonomic. My instinct is hitting a control, get tremolo, hit it again to go back to chorale.

PLEASE consider at least adding an option to make the sustain pedal a toggle (like it is in VB3 and also in Melda's Vintage Rotary).

L'otary is a monster. With pedal toggle (and solenoid click…), it'll be the perfect monster.

Kind regards,


#10175 - 01/31/15 07:41 AM Re: Speed *toggle* in L'otary, please! [Re: spitfire31]
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Thank you for your post about our plug-in.
We will add a click response of the relay switch in the next version. For some technical reasons it is not present in the release version due to several automation issues we have met.
Referring to your question about the speed control via Sustain pedal there are users who prefer to use it as it is but we understand that you can prefer to use it in a toggle mode. We will probably implement a preference setting to support both modes.

Mateusz Wozniak