Hi PSP developers,
i'd like to know if you are planning to make a RE version of your plug-ins.
Music was my hobby for many years and in that time i used cubase and logic.
But recently i started to work like sound engineer in little audio projects (indie films and teather) and my work flow increased so much when i changed to propellerheads reason (i know it is not PRO like cubase or like logic but i find that it is perfect for my needs).
I enjoy all reason environment and i don't miss the plug-ins i used with cubase and logic ... except... PSP plug-ins.
Actually i have found a way to use them in reason; but it is a complicate trick that gets a lot of time.
So every day i check propellerheads site in order to control if PSP is inside the developer list of rack extensions... but nothing by now cry cry

Please let me know if you plan to rewrite a RE version of PSP stuff.
I will pay again for all plug-ins i have already bought (actually i've got 15 plug-ins).
By now i stopped to buy new plug-ins because it doesn't give me a real advantage but still waiting to get NobleQ.
In RE shop there are some good EQ but nothing can reach the quality of ClassicQ or preQursor.
so i suppose it could be a good business for you (and a good news for me!! laugh )


Federico Giuliani

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