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#9636 - 06/22/14 01:23 PM difference between Psp 42 and 85
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I want to take advantage of the Delay offer by buying the Psp 42 but first I'd like to know which are the differences between it and the 85, which is said to be its bigger brother.
If that is true, I don't see why you should buy the 42 then...
Does anyone know ?
Thank you for your time,

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#9637 - 06/22/14 11:32 PM Re: difference between Psp 42 and 85 [Re: unguitar]
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1. Lexicon PSP42 has different filter. Even if it is much simpler (6dB/octave) it allows for nice high frequency absorption that you won't be able to get using PSP85 filters.
2. Lexicon PSP42 has DLYx2 button that imediately lowers the internal sample rate by the factor of two. This can be used to produce interesting low-fi sounds that cannot be achieved with 85.
3. Lexicon PSP42 can be used as phrase sampler. You can capture the audio into the buffer and manipulate it while it's being played back. You can also punch-in the new audio while the loop is playing - it can be either mixed or replace the old audio.
4. Lexicon PSP42 is much easier to set up.
5. Lexicon PSP42 has different factory presets, that are more useful in common studio situations than PSP85' presets, which are rather aimed at sound design.
6. Lexicon PSP42 envelope follower is calibrated in a different way, which allows for different sounds (f.ex. doubler preset that many people love to use on vocals cannot be recreated with PSP85)
7. Lexicon PSP42 is less CPU hungry.
8. Lexicon PSP42 is the exact replica of the classic hardware Lexicon PCM42 - this means no learning curve for you if you are familiar with PCM42.

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#9644 - 06/25/14 05:40 PM Re: difference between Psp 42 and 85 [Re: unguitar]
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Wish I hadn't noticed this. Bought the 85 thinking it was the same but a double delay instead on a single. Interesting to see the samle rate reduced like the prime time delays.

Damn will have to demo the 42 wink

#14617 - 10/18/17 05:45 AM Re: difference between Psp 42 and 85 [Re: unguitar]
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Thanks for the info. Now that we know the things 42 can do that 85 can't, how about the other way around? What can the 85 do that the 42 can not?

I'm either going to buy the 42 or 85 before this 80% off sale ends today. However, I can't demo the 85.. I downloaded it a while back and was never able to try it (personal biz).

I demoed all of the delays last night (besides the 85 obviously) and while they all were good, the 42 and stompDelay stood out. The stomp is a really fun plugin to mess around with, while the 42 is more straight forward and efficient.