Dear Friends,

I'm glad to inform you that we have released new version of the PSP VintageWarmer.
It is FREE update for our current users.

What has changed?

* Constant DC remove filter 12dB/oct tuned to -3dB @ 15Hz. The filter is
located at the input of a processing path of the plug-in. A Dry signal is
not affected.
* Double precision floating point computations (64 bits) in all processing
stages to improve ultra quite error free filters.
* Graphical memory leakage bug solved.
* All platforms have the same processing engine and the same version number.

VST and DirectX version
* The CPU usage stays the same although the computation precision is
doubled and the DC filter is present now.

Mac VST version
* First official Mac OS X release
* Minor Mac OS compatibility bug fixes.

* Problem with disappearing resources should be solved
* Problem with "no such volume, error -35" should be solved
* Minor Mac OS compatibility bug fixes.

If you are a registered user and haven't you received our newsletter with a download link please contact us

Warm regards from Poland
Antoni Ozynski

BTW We are working on porting the VintageWarmer (and rest of our plug-ins) to AudioUnit format but it is too early to say when they will be available in this format.

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