We would like to inform you that we updated majority of our plug-ins recently.
Below you will find list of current version of our products.
The info about version you will find on the rear panel/or in about box of each plug-in.
To open about box or rear panel simply click on the name of the plug-in.

PC versions
PSP MixPack 1.8.4 VST/DirectX/RTAS new!!!
PSP VintageWarmer 1.6.5 VST/DirectX/RTAS new!!!
PSP 42 1.4 VST/DirectX/RTAS new!!!
PSP 84 1.4 VST/DirectX/RTAS new!!!
PSP Nitro 1.0.1 VST/DirectX/RTAS new!!!
PSP StereoPack 1.6 VST/DirectX
PSP MasterQ 1.0.2 VST/DirectX
PSP EasyVerb 1.0.3 VST/DirectX

Mac OSX versions
PSP MixPack 1.8.4 AudioUnit/VST/RTAS new!!!
PSP VintageWarmer 1.6.5 AudioUnit/VST/RTAS new!!!
PSP 42 1.4 AudioUnit/VST/RTAS new!!!
PSP 84 1.4 AudioUnit/VST/RTAS new!!!
PSP Nitro 1.0.1 AudioUnit/VST/RTAS new!!!
PSP MasterQ 1.0.2 VST (public for registered users of the MQ beta 1.1 in VST/AU/RTAS format)
PSP EasyVerb 1.0.3 VST

Mac OS 9 versions
PSP MixPack 1.6 VST/MAS
PSP VintageWarmer 1.5.3 VST/MAS/RTAS
PSP StereoPack 1.6 VST/MAS

If you don't have current version please contact us to get info how you can update your version to current version.

Warm regards from Poland
Antoni Ozynski
Mateusz Wozniak http://www.PSPaudioware.com