Version 1.4.1 is compatible with version 1.4. Preset/bank files as well as sessions created with version 1.4 will be accepted.


Previous version does not have to be uninstalled.
Quit all running applications before installing.


*** version 1.4.1 ***

1. Improper envelope follower initialisation, resulting in occassional crashes has been fixed.

*** version 1.4 ***

1. Parameter edge filtration caused denormalized number problems resulting in high CPU load for certain settings. Fixed.
2. Sudden and random jumps of the feedback knob to 0 position no longer occur.
3. Cross-compatibility issues with Native Instruments products have been fixed. No more reauthorization problems.

1. Totally new, platform- and host-independent preset management system.
2. MIDI learn function with cross-platform MIDI setting save/load option.
2. Further optimiziation.

*** version 1.3 ***

1. When delay time was near zero, the antialias filter was not working. Fixed.
2. The crossfade time (applied when delay time is being changed) was host buffer size dependant. Short buffer settings resulted in audible clicks. Fixed.
3. DLY<>CLK switch is now disabled while in RPT oo mode.

1. The phrase sampler has been completely rebuilt to exactly reproduce the properties of the original Lexicon PCM42:
- when in DLY mode and RPT oo button is hit, the plug-in immediately starts looping of the audio that's already in the buffer,
- when in CLK mode and RPT oo button is hit, the plug-in starts to loop as soon as the beginning of the next bar is reached (provided the host application is capable of sending song position information to the plug-in),
- both input signal and feedback are captured,
- it is now possible to mix input signal with the loop while in RPT mode,
- it is now possible to punch in the the new audio by switching the RPT oo button off and back on. If the feedback level is high, new material is mixed in with the existing audio. If the feedback level is low, the new material replaces the existing audio.
- once looping mode has been deactivated, the contents of the loop is fed back (echoes are generated) provided feedback is non zero.
2. The phrase sampler on-the-fly crossfade is exponential (was linear).

*** version 1.2 ***

1. Headroom meter falloff time depended on the host buffer settings. Fixed.
2. MIDI control for discreet parameters has been corrected.
3. The cause of occasional crashes when GUI window was being closed has been fixed.

*** version 1.1 ***

1. Loud feedback that emerged after several minutes of plug-in activity has been removed.
2. Interpolation algorythm has been improved - previous version was inaccurate with high modulation (depth) settings.
3. MIDI automation for discreet parameters has been corrected.

1. Pentium IV optimization - now requires about half the previous CPU processing power.
2. Tempo delay numerator and denominator are now MIDI-automatable.
3. Improved Logic Control support for numerator and denominator parameters.
4. First preset now contains the default values for all controls. This allows Logic Control users to restore defaults correctly.
Hubert Pietrzykowski
DSP Engineer