- Mac G4 or G5 computer
- Mac OS X 10.3.8 or later
- VST - VST compatible host application
- AudioUnit - AudioUnit compatible host application
- RTAS - ProTools LE/TDM 6.4 or later


This version is backward-compatible down to version 1.0.0. Preset/bank files as well as sessions created with version 1.0.0 and later will be accepted.


Previous version does not have to be uninstalled.
Quit all running applications before installing.
After installation plug-in might ask for authorization even though the plug-in was already authorized. In such case simply click cancel.


*** version ***

1. RTAS - the plug-in window does not open without any contents anymore.

*** version 1.0.6 ***

1. GLIDE operator delay time is calculated correctly in 'rhythm' mode.
2. RTAS - after switching from ProTools to another application and back the GUI is refreshed.
3. RTAS - ProTools receives keystrokes when plug-in window is active.
4. AudioUnit - plug-in works fine in mono->stereo configuration in MOTU DigitalPerformer 4.6.
5. AudioUnit - changing preset name does not result in crash anymore (Tiger OS X).

*** version 1.0.5 ***

1. All formats run under OS X 10.3.8 and later.
2. AudioUnit - version number diplayed in finder info.

*** version 1.0.4 ***

1. AudioUnit - plug-in receives automation events when editor window is closed.
2. Authorized username containing national characters does no longer cause problems.
3. Return key is handled correctly in authorization dialog.

*** version 1.0.3 ***

1. Passes Logic 7 AU validation.
2. AudioUnit - some hosts crashed when editor window was touched (Live, Ras). Fixed.
3. AudioUnit - reason for crashes when more than one instance was run has been fixed.
4. AudioUnit - plug-in reports actual version number.

*** version 1.0.2 ***

1. Loud pop when the host play button is hit does no longer occure.
2. AudioUnit - plug-in parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC messages.
3. AudioUnit - MOTU DigitalPerformer 4.5.2 crashed when plug-in was launched. Fixed.
4. AudioUnit - the automation did not work in MOTU Digital Performer 4.5.1 and later. Fixed.
5. AudioUnit - the plug-in does not cut audio when the soundbite ends in MOTU Digital Performer.
6. AudioUnit - mono->stereo configuration works fine in MOTU Digital Performer.
7. AudioUnit - the plug-in editor controls (knobs, sliders) no longer exhibit sudden and random jumps.

*** version 1.0.1 ***

1. Cross-compatibility issues with Native Instruments products have been fixed. No more reauthorization problems.
2. COMB operator denormalization (resulting in high CPU usage) has been removed.
3. When editing preset name in Cubase or Nuendo (PC), clicking outside the line being edited quits the edit mode without changing name. Previously user had to press 'esc' key.
4. Sliders on MOD and LIB page behave in a different way (more like Windows/OS sliders).
5. Preset name edit box has been redesigned - the previous version has several errors, particularly on MAC
6. Changing preset writes automation data for all parameters
7. Did not run on Pentium II and older and some AMD processors due to lack of SSE capabilities. Now uses CPUID to get CPU features and either runs plain version or optimized SIMD version if SIMD is available.

1. VSTSDK 2.3 was used to build the plug-in.
Hubert Pietrzykowski
DSP Engineer