- Mac G4 or G5 computer
- Panther Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later
- Panther Mac OS X 10.4.0 or later
- VST - VST compatible host application
- AudioUnit - AudioUnit compatible host application
- RTAS - ProTools LE/TDM 6.4 or later


Version 1.2.1 should be backward-compatible with all versions containing a custom preset bar.


Mac OSX:

Please uninstall previous version using an old installer before using a new one.

Quit all running applications before installing.

After installation plug-in might ask for authorization during a first lounch or during
AU Examination procedur even though the plug-in was already authorized. In this case
please reenter your authorization information
and click on an Authorize button (please do not use a Return key).

In a case the Digital Performer's Audio Unit Examine window's progress bar would stop
please move this window to a side and fill in the authorization dialog, then the progress
bar should start to work again and a validation process should finish.


*** version v. MacOSX ***
1. Minor bugfixes

*** version v.1.2.1 MacOSX ***

1. Proper channel routing in AU mono to stereo version.
2. Proper AU version number.

*** version 1.2.0 MacOS Release Candidate ***

1. The installer should work properly and not require to manually change privilages to plug-ins' folders.
2. AU validation is working fine under current hosts.

1. AudioUnit - last part of version is not set to 0 at the moment.
2. AudioUnit - Mono to Stereo version will process only left channel.

*** version 1.2.0B11 ***

1. AudioUnit - plug-in receives automation events when editor window is

*** version 1.2.0B1 ***

1. AudioUnit - version number diplayed in finder info.
Some problems causing glitches and sweeps during program switching where fixed.
2. VST, AU and RTAS compatibility and stability where improved.
3. Automation improved.
4. Graph handles operation improved.

*** version 1.1.2 ***

Release version with graph handles and some other improvements compared to 1.0.x
Mateusz Wozniak