- Mac G4 computer (G5 strongly recommended)
- Mac OS X Tiger (10.4 or later)
- 512MB of RAM
- AudioUnit, VST or RTAS (ProTools 7.0 or later) compatible host application


Plug-in runs for 14 days without authorizing (trial period). Once the trial period has expired the authorization key is required.
To obtain the authorization key please activate the product in PSP Registration Center using the activation key you were sent on purchase. PSP Registration Center is located at:


***** 1.1.0 *****


1. More strict thread synchronization model implemented for reducing glitches while changing filter parameters.
2. Problems with demo expiring too early fixed.
3. Output knob default value is restored properly.
4. To protect from loosing the eq settings accidentaly the row of filter knobs can only be initialized (by clicking on the left label area) when ctrl (PC) or apple (MAC) key is held.
5. Frequency is displayed correctly for lowcut 12dB/oct filter.
6. RTAS version benefits from variable plug-in buffer size (introduced in ProTools 7.0) for significantly decreased CPU load. If you experienced huge CPU usage while working with Neon RTAS try to increase your buffer.


1. Plug-in is capable of reporting proper latency value when working in linear phase mode as well.
2. New fixed latency mode added for easier settings comparison (latency does not depend on the number of eq bands active).
3. Latency readout in both samples and milliseconds.
4. Peak meters with overs indicators added (useful for people working in fixed point environment such as ProTools TDM who need to be sure there's no clipping within their signal path).
Hubert Pietrzykowski
DSP Engineer