- PowerPC G4 or G5 or
- Intel Mac
- Mac OSX 10.4 or later
- ProTools TDM/LE 6.4 or later for running RTAS
- PACE InterLok 5.4 extensions - can be downloaded from http://www.paceap.com/dldrvr.html

- Intel Pentium II CPU or later,
- CPU with SSE support is strongly recommended,
- Windows XP with ServicePack 2,
- ProTools TDM/LE 6.4 or later for running RTAS
- PACE InterLok 5.4 drivers - can be downloaded from http://www.paceap.com/dldrvr.html


This version is backward-compatible down to version 2.0.0.
Preset/bank files as well as sessions created with version 2.0.0 and later will be accepted.

IMPORTANT: We have been reported compatibility problems when using RTAS version on PC. They are investigated now. If you use ProTools on PC you might want to wait until this problem is fixed.


We recommend uninstalling previous versions before installing this one.
Quit all running applications before installing. Select the desired package. The installer will automatically find the Digidesign plug-ins folder and install all necessary plug-in files into this folder. The documentation will be installed to Home/Documents/PSP/PSP 84 by default.

IMPORTANT: If you want to install DirectX version please select RTAS package as well.


You can choose between native and iLok-based authorization for your best convenience. Please make sure you download the proper installer.

Plug-in will ask you to put the valid authorization name and key on startup. You can find your name and key in the email you were sent by PSP Support on product. purchase If you can't find it please login to your account at PSP to check your authentication details.
IMPORTANT: Some OSX users experience problems with authorization dialog window when attempting to authorize the plug-in in certain host applications. A workaround is to run the stand-alone authorizer application which is located in the plug-in documentation folder (usually [home]/Library/Documentation/[plug-in_name]/)

If you want to use this protection-system you will need to gen an iLok USB dongle (available f.ex. from any Digidesign dealer).
Once you have the dongle please open an account at http://www.ilok.com (if you don't have one yet) and define the field 'iLok userID' in your PSP profile. This will allow us to automatically upload your license whenever you buy a PSP product.
If your PSP profile is updated and allows us to identify your iLok.com account when the product is purchased, the license will be uploaded automatically. Otherwise you might need to click the 'request iLok license' link in your PSP account to request the license. In both cases you will be informed by email when your has been uploaded and is ready to be moved to your iLok dongle.
Hubert Pietrzykowski
DSP Engineer