1. The VST plug-in does not show up on the Cubase/Nuendo plug-in list even though the plug-in file appears in the VST plug-ins folder.

Use the menu item 'Devices/Plug-in Information' to check whether the plug-in is not disabled.

2. The plug-ins does not process audio.

Check on the plug-in backpanel whether it is authorized. To bring up the backpanel click on the plug-in logo. If it is authorized, registered username appears there. Otherwise it says 'not authorized'.

3. I am Mac OSX user. The plug-in says it is not authorized. How can I authorize it?

Usually the plug-in should display the authorization dialog at the end of the installation process. If, for whatever reason, you did not authorize it, you can do it any time. Please go to the folder:
home/Library/Documentation/Lexicon PSP42
The authorization application should be there unless you specified different folder for documentation during the installation process.

4. I am the iLok user. The plug-in does not launch. After an attempt to instanciate it in the host application the program stops responding.

If your operating system is Tiger (OS X 10.4) please download and install the latest InterLok extensions from:

5. Where can I download the latest plug-in version from?

To download the latest version you need to have an open account at PSP Registration Center located at:
If you already have an account you have to register the plug-in using the option 'register product'. You will be asked for authorization name and key. Once the registration is completed, you will be granted an access to the latest version installer.

6. I am the Safari user. I cannot register my plug-in even though I'm sure I put valid authorization name and key. What's wrong?

Sometimes the problem is caused by the Safari AutoFill feature that changes the field contents. Please use Safari menu to switch off the AutoFill and try again (go to menu item Safari/Preferences, AutoFill tab and uncheck all boxes)

7. I purchased the plug-in in the shop or from PSP distributor/online reseller. Neither can I authorize the plug-in nor register it at PSP Registration Center.

You should have been given the activation code (sometimes also called serial number) from the seller. To register and authorize the plug-in you will first have to open an account at PSP Registration Center located at:
and then use the option 'activate product'. Choose the product from the list and put the activation code you have in the proper field. As a result of activation you will be emailed the authorization key that you will then use to register the product at PSP Registration Center using the option 'register product'. Once registered, you are entitled to download the latest version installer (click on the '>get' button). Use the same authorization key to authorize the plug-in to run on your machine.

8. How can I uninstall the plug-in?

PC - from start menu choose 'programs/Lexicon PSP42' shortcut folder and run 'Uninstall Lexicon PSP42'
MAC - run the plug-in installer and choose 'Uninstall' from the list located in the left-upper corner of the main installation screen

9. How can I reset the AU validation?

- Digital Performer - trash this file and then relaunch DP:
~/Library/Preferences/Digital Performer™/Audio Unit Info Cache

- Logic Pro - go to the Logic application menu -> Preferences -> Start -> Logic AU Manager. This will quit Logic and launch the Logic AU Manager application. Find the plugin in the list and click on the "rescan" button.
Hubert Pietrzykowski
DSP Engineer