PSP VintageWarmer and PSP MasterComp are totaly different plug-ins designed to meet different requrements and cannot be used mutually. The PSP MasterComp is not yet another version of the Warmer but is made as a different tool for different purposes. The only common thing to the PSP VintageWarmer is a similar GUI layout to show that the PSP MC belongs to the
same family of PSP high quality products and may bring some highest quality analog-like processing to your digital environment.

PSP MasterComp is a single band stereo compressor with transparent processing and advanced channel linking options. This plug-in is designed to meet the highest mastering sonic standards and may gain the true value of processed tracks without adding its own distortion or any other compression
artifacts that occur in most of digital single- and multi-band compressors.
The PSP MC also allows expansion above threshold to bring back live to previously overprocessed tracks.

The PSP VintageWarmer is a brick wall limiter working in single- or multi-band mode and its aim is to limit individual leading tracks or entire mixes with some character. With some settings it may bring some old-school sound to vocals like with others it may maximize the mix with little distortion. With maximum settings of Speed, Release multiplier, Knee set to 20-100% and usually Mix in between 50-80% the PSP VW is able to produce some nice and reach compression which may bring some life to vocals and guitars for instance however in this mode is rather a creative tool and is far from beeing a transparent mastering tool.