iLok FAQ

If you aren't already familiar with setting up your computer for use with the iLok USB key and opening a user account at, it is a very short one-time process. Just follow these steps:

1) To use iLok protected software (for example our plug-ins) you will need to have installed latest version of iLok drivers on your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) computer.

Before connecting the iLok dongle to your computer, please down download and install the latest iLok drivers for your computer. You can find the latest drivers at:

If your studio computer is not connected to internet you can download drivers to any computer and than copy them on USB drive CD and transfer to your studio computer.

Mac: Once you install the drivers and restart your computer, your iLok is ready for use.
PC: Now you can connect your iLok to computer and install it as a new USB device using the New Hardware Wizard.

Note: If you have any problem with running iLok protected plug-ins we strongly recommend that the first thing you try is to update the iLok drivers.

2) To manage your authorizations on your iLok you will need to download and install the ILok Client software application and register with . You can register with from any computer—you donft need to use your DAW computer for this.

Download and install the latest iLok Client Software Installer for your computer platform. You will find it at first click the HELP tab and then select the Downloads section.

After installing the iLok Client Software, now you should open your own account at (PC: you have to use Internet Explorer)

3) Click "sign up now" on and enter your user profile information. When you're finished, click "Submit."

4) After submitting your account information, will send you an email to activate your new account. When you get this email (it should only take a few minutes) click the link to activate your account.

5) After activating your account, log-in and select "Click here to manage and register your iLoks."

6) Make sure your iLok is connected and the drivers installed, then choose synchronize (iLok has to be connected to computer).

Note: It necessary to have both the newest iLok drivers and iLok Client Software installed. If you do not, you will be prompted by the Installer to download the latest versions.

That's it! You're ready to receive iLok authorizations from PSP Audioware! Remember that your login to iLok site is your iLok USER ID. This is the information you will need to fill in at our center when you request an iLok authorization.

Antoni Ozynski