Dear Mac users,

Currently, our plug-ins are available in AudioUnit/VST/RTAS formats for PowerPC (G4/G5) Mac OS X . The Intel Mac OS X version is still in development. We are currently working on porting our plug-ins to the Intel Mac platform but unfortunately, it is a complicated process for small developers with cross-platform applications. It is too early for us to be able to offer you an exact time frame when we will deliver Universal Binary versions of our plug-ins but we can promise that in the case of these two plug-ins, PSP Neon (including Neon HR) and PSP MasterComp the crossgrade to the Intel Mac versions will be free. We will also offer free crossgrade options for all products purchased after 14th March 2006. In other cases we will most likely offer the crossgrade for a very small fee.

Warm regards from frozen Poland
Antoni Ozynski