We are pleased to inform that you that we have updated our PSP EffectsPack which includes the following acclaimed plug-ins:

- Lexicon PSP42
- PSP 84
- PSP Nitro
- PSP 608MD

We spent a lot of time and effort improving compatibility and performance on both Mac and PC platforms. We are also proud to announce that PSP EffectsPack is now available as Universal Binary so the plug-ins can now be used on both PowerPC and new Intel-based Macintosh computers.

For owners of the Mac versions of our PSP EffectsPack plug-ins, due to the large amount of work required for porting our plug-ins to Universal Binary, we are charging a small maintenance fee. The exact amount depends on the quantity of upgraded plug-ins:

$ 19 for one plug-in
$ 29 for two plug-ins
$ 35 for three plug-ins
$ 39 for four plug-ins.

The update of PC version is free of charge.

As previously promised, the upgrade to the Universal Binary version is free for all users who bought our Effects after March 13th, 2006. The users of NFR versions are entitled to free upgrade as well.

We have also updated and integrated our registration center with our online shop in order to offer you a simpler, more straightforward registration process.

Please login to your account at PSP Registration Center to find links to the newest versions and special purchase offers.

Updated versions of our plug-ins from other collections (MasterPack, MixPack and Steropack) will be released soon.

Please also note that you can now choose between two available copy protection systems for your best convenience:
- native protection which uses authorization key,
- iLok protection with license held on USB dongle.
Depending on which copy protection system you want to use, the proper installer program have to be downloaded.
To authorize the plug-in which uses native authorization system the valid authorization key needs to be entered on plug-in startup. The authorization key is shown in product details in PSP Registration Center.
To get the iLok authorization please follow these steps:
- get an iLok USB dongle. You can buy one f.ex. from Digidesign dealer,
- open an account at the iLok.com webpage if you don't have one yet,
- set the iLok.com UserID field in your account settings at PSP Registration Center to the correct value identifying your iLok.com account,
- request the iLok license by clicking the link in product details in PSP Registration Center,
- once you've been informed by email that your license is ready (it may take up to 24 hours from the request time) login to your iLok.com account and download the license to your iLok USB dongle.
- make sure you have latest InterLok drivers installed - you can download these drivers from Pace Anti-Piracy website: http://www.paceap.com

Warm regards from chilly Poland

PSP Team
Hubert Pietrzykowski
DSP Engineer