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#5299 - 12/14/07 08:19 PM FR: PSP Xeon
Pal Svennevig Offline
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I'm demoing the Xeon right now. It will be bought thats for sure.

I have a couple of wishes though.

1. Please make it VST3 compatible as soon as you have the time.
2. When making it VST3 compatible please also make it multi channel aware.
3. Maybe include a goniometer also and phase? It could be a button to push so it opens a separate window. Then it wouldn't bother people that do not want it.

Thanks, and keep it up!

- Pål Svennevig

#5304 - 12/15/07 08:42 AM Re: FR: PSP Xeon [Re: Pal Svennevig]
Hubert Pietrzykowski PSP Offline


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Hi Pal,

I'm happy you like the plug-in! Unfortunately we are unable to make it VST3-compatible, as Steinberg has not released the 3.0 SDK for 3rd party developers yet. Making multi-channel version is an interesting idea. If Xenon succeeds and proves to be a good seller we will probably do it ;\)
I don't think I will include goniometer/phase correlation meter, mostly because we have dedicated, cheap bundle for such purposes in our offer - PSP StereoPack.

Thanks for your feedback.
Hubert Pietrzykowski
DSP Engineer

#5931 - 08/21/09 07:23 PM Re: FR: PSP Xeon [Re: Hubert Pietrzykowski PSP]
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How bout making it VST3 now? SDK have been out for at least a year and several plugin devs are releasing VST3.

I also bouth the sQuad and oLdtime since last, why not make them VST3 as well?