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#5307 - 12/16/07 03:36 AM Re: iLok only [Re: fussylizard]
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Will im done with PSP.Thanks to the iLOK thing.Like WAVES diggin for more ways to get your cash.And no free upgrade for v w 1....I wil not buy the same tool twice......Waves all over agin....Next we"ll have to pay for there bug fix????????GREED........... THANKS BUT NO THANKS.

#5312 - 12/16/07 06:27 PM Re: iLok only [Re: R L N]
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How exactly are they "diggin for more ways to get your cash" unless you've been using cracked software?

BTW, PSP doesn't make any money on the ilok or the "Zero Downtime" fee. The other dongle makers don't even offer a service like "Zero Downtime." I wish they did.

I have Syncrosoft and Aladdin dongles that are falling apart - they're held together with tape, for cryin' out loud! The ilok is holding up much better, and I swap it out all the time.

If you want PSP to be in business long enough to keep innovating and offer support as hardware and OS changes take place, I suggest you consider giving them your continued support in this matter of protecting their income.

I ESPECIALLY support a company like PSP that isnt' charging obscene prices to begin with. My 2 cents, YMMV, and all that.


#5345 - 01/16/08 03:46 AM Re: iLok only [Re: svs95]
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Dongle yes or no, it doesn't matter for me.
But I don't want to buy a dongle for just trying a demo.
I have very good limiters and what happens if Xenon ($249 is a lot of money for just a limiter) doesn't fit my needs
or can't beat my current favourite limiter: The money for dongle is wasted !?
At least consider to release a demo that doesn't require a dongle.

Regards from a happy VW2 user
P4 2.8Ghz HT, 2GB RAM, RME Multiface, WinXP SP2, CubaseSX3, Wavelab6

#14902 - 11/13/19 06:18 AM Re: iLok only [Re: Hubert Pietrzykowski PSP]
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Originally Posted By: Hubert Pietrzykowski PSP
Hi BB54.
By the way - I would greatly appreciate if you told us why you don't want it. And what kind of protection would be right for you. Machine-bound challenge-response? I know the best protection (for the user) is no protection at all wink But I'm sure you understand our standpoint as well. It's the piracy that makes our aims contradictory, which is extremely sad. Our mission is to deliver the good stuff for you. But without protection system we might not be able to deliver it at all... Anyway - as I said, we have some other protection systems on our minds. This is why I'd like to know your reasons for not using iLok and your protection-type preferences. Thanks

I understand this is quite late to the party but here goes my 2 cents: Machine-bound challenge-response is treacherous territory for digital nomads like me, or simply, for people whose studio lives on their MacBook Pro. Those things fail routinely (some component or another) and guess what Apple does? They just swap out the logic board and put in a brand new one. Once that's done, though you might still have the same machine, serial number and physical warranty speaking, all the parameters that the Machine-bound challenge-response mechanism rely upon have been swapped for new ones. Same machine to us humans, not to the mechanism.

Had this issue two laptops ago with Eventide - iLok wouldn't 'release' at least one of the licenses for the 7 plugins I bought from them, they said: Take it up with Eventide, and Eventide - well, you can imagine what they said.

Ideally, a single interlocutor when it comes to licences is preferred - no matter the mechanism. And then there's the matter of either the iLok or laptop itself getting stolen - but knock on wood I've not had the misfortune - nor do I plan to.

I hope that feedback helps!

#14903 - 11/19/19 09:30 AM Re: iLok only [Re: BB54]
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It is not problem for us. In this case we provide user additional set of licences.

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