We are pleased to inform that we have released the successor of our PSP MixPack bundle.
PSP MixPack2 not only updates both the usability and the processing algorithms of the original PSP MixPack plug-ins, but adds an exiting new processor: PSP MixGate2.
More details and full featured 2 weeks demo version can be obtained from our website.

The owners of the PSP MixPack can get the new plug-in at discounted price of USD 49.00 until May 1st, 2008. After this date the upgrade price will be increased up to USD 79.00. The special upgrade link can be found at our Registration Center ( https://www.pspaudioware.com/register/login.php ).

As previously promised, all users who bought PSP MixPack bundle on August 1st, 2007 or later get the new PSP MixPack2 for free. The users of NFR versions are entitled to free copy as well.
The new asset should already appear at your Registration Center account ( https://www.pspaudioware.com/register/login.php ).

You can now choose between two available copy protection systems for your best convenience:
- native protection which uses authorization key,
- iLok protection with license held on USB dongle.
Depending on which copy protection system you want to use, the proper installer program have to be downloaded.

PSP MixPack2 is available for both Mac OSX and Windows. The OSX version is Universal Binary so the plug-in can now be used on both PowerPC and new Intel-based Macintosh computers.

In terms of compatibility PSP MixPack2 plug-ins are independent from PSP MixPack plug-ins so you don't have to uninstall PSP MixPack1 to use new PSP MiXpack2 plug-ins. You can use them simultaneously. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend using MixPack2 with all your current and further projects since MixPack1 becomes the legacy product and its support will be discontinued.

Warm regards from snowy Warsaw,

PSP Team