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#5377 - 02/11/08 05:50 PM Nice. Too bad it requires iLok.
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That means I won't be buying it.

Boycott iLok!

Seriously, can't you come up with something better? What was wrong with serial number authorization?

I haven't given your software away before, and I don't plan to in the future. Why do you penalize me for being a good and ethical customer?

#5386 - 02/15/08 08:42 AM Re: Nice. Too bad it requires iLok. [Re: Jim Curtis]
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I absolutly share your opinion. Challenge Response would be ok, but this dongle is a no go. I own almost all PSP Plugs, but the iLok ones I passed. Audioease or Roger Nichols for example are also using Pace, but they offer challenge/response. Why can PSP not do that ? I dont know if PSP ever closely looked at that iLok, because it is just BIG. We have more and more notebookusers now ( like me ) and a dongle on a laptop can break very easy. Also the legal thing just sucks: As far as I know I never own software, I just licence it. But if i should loose the dongle I loose the right to use the software. But I never owned the software i only owned the dongle. So how can I loose something that I dont own ? And I only loose it because the company forces me to use the dongle, that normally is not necessary to use the software. Maybe that is getting too legally philosophical here. Whatever, I just sold my Waves L3 and the URS Compressor, cause i was tired to accept these drawbacks, because i am a paying and honest customer. And after Apple now does not use the XsKey for Logic 8 anymore, I am donglefree, yes, and it will stay like that ! There are enough professional alternatives on the market not using a dongle. Regarding limiters: Ozone for example and soon the Sonalksis Mastering Pack.

#5555 - 07/30/08 03:56 PM Re: Nice. Too bad it requires iLok. [Re: xtatic]
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I don't much like the dongles either - but re the breakage issue, I have a little 4 port usb hub and I use it not so much as a hub but to get a flexible connection to the dongles so they just sit on the table.

As I said, I dislike dongles, but at least an iLok is better than having a separate dongle for each of a bunch of different packages. At last count I have 3 or 4 that I have to schlep around. Also, Pace will replace your dongles and reload your authorizations to a new one. Lightwave (3D modeling) will only replace theirs once and you need evidence that it was stolen (like a police report)The second time they charge the whole price of the app. I used to insure the dongle. Now I don't use Lightwave!