I have recently bought some PSP plugins and a novation nocturn. I have been making mappings, some of which work very nice. The Neon and Neon HR have some strange problems though:

- on the interface there is, per band, a nice bypass / filter selection button. But when paired to the nocturn, this seems to be one single button (i first scroll through all filter types on bypass, then through all filter types active). This is not very convenient (a bypass then means resetting your filter type... not nice).

- Neon doesnt seem to respond very well to commands from the nocturn. Q usually reacts, but frequency and gain do not (visually). Audibly, SOMETHING is happening.... some clicks... but not the expected effect.

I have to add that plugins like the vintagewarmer, MasterQ and Mixsaturator react very nicely, worked straight away without any problems.

system: I use PSP VST plugins on a Macbook Pro, running both Cubase 4 and Ableton Live 7.14. Neon and neon HR version 1.5.0, on iLok.