We are pleased to inform that we updated 1.1.1 for mac with standard authorization. Please redownload 1.1.1 installer if you met the canceled demo problem. No other changes in this little update.

Known issues with PSP sQuad 1.1.1:

PSP RetroQ
The Hz label in the OUTput.
Hard to read filters' state.

PSP ClassicQ
Initialization pop.
Infra rumble when OUTput knob is adjusted with SIMulation engaged.

Pro Tools compatibility:
We noticed graphical bugs when rear panel is opened.


We are pleased to inform that new version of PSP sQuad (1.1.1) has been released.

The update is free for registered users.

The list of changes includes:

PSP ClassicQ
- output level problems (4-5dB boost) - solved
- HF not working properly - solved
- HPF not working properly - solved
- improper version number in the about box - solved
- glitches when turning OUTput knob with SIMulation engaged - solved
- improper VST plug-in's name in Live (mac) - solved

PSP ConsoleQ
- improper VST plug-in's name in Live (mac) - solved

PSP preQursor
- L-R switch not working properly for HPF - solved

- other minor problems resolved.

Workflow notes:

Please notice that OUTput knobs and SATuration as well as SIMulation algorithms are not controlled by EQ or EQL buttons and switches and stay active even if overall EQ switch is set to OFF. This is intended behavior.

Individual filters in PSP RetroQ can be switched on or disengaged by clicking on their label (HPF, LF, MF, HF). The HPF is disengaged by default.

Notation k22 means .22k or simply 220. 1k2 equals 1200.

Please login to your PSP Registration Center account to download the newest version.

Warm regards from Poland

PSP Team