PSP VW version 2.3.1 officially released

Dear friends,

We are pleased to inform that the we have released the PSP VintageWarmer2 version 2.3.1. It is a free update for registered users of the PSP VintageWarmer2.
Please login to your account at PSP Registration Center to find download links and your authorization details.

Hot regards from frozen Warsaw
PSP team

PSP VintageWarmer2 v.2.3.1
PSP VintageWarmer v.2.3.1
(AU & VST & RTAS for MacOSX Universal Binary and VST & RTAS for Win x32 or x64)

New features
1. Mono-Stereo switch expanded to Mono-Stereo-Left-Righ selector. Now it is possible to choose only one channel for processing.
2. Controller and automation support for ProTools users improved.

1. Latency improvement - PSP VintageWarmer has 127 samples of latency.
2. Latency improvement - PSP VintageWarmer2 has 639 samples of latency now.
3. Meters in VU mode has improved needle movement response according to VU specifications.
4. Front panel name of the PSP VintageWarmer2 was changed from PSP VintageWarmer to PSP VintageWarmer2.
5. Front panel name of the PSP VintageWarmer was changed from PSP VintageWarmer LE to PSP VintageWarmer.

1. Initial click in Logic with PSP VintageWarmer2 - solved.
2. Various weird GUI behavior and crashes caused by the PSP VintageWarmer2 - solved.
3. Channel lockup and noises with PSP VintageWarmer2 - solved.
4. Gain Reduction meter shows improper values when Ceiling not at 0dB - solved.
5. Various weird meter behavior and synchronization problems - solved.

Known issues
1. Due to channel routing changes we advice to check the Mono-Stereo-L-R selector state.
2. Thanks to the reduced latency we advice to check up your track synchronization. In the case of the manual latency compensation please reset your delays to adequate values.
3. The Meter delay knob on the rear panel is not present in this version.
4. Tow VU/PPM and Scale range parameters have new - more adequate names now. MeterScale changed to MeterType (VU/PPM) and MeterRange changed to MeterScale.