Dear PSP user,

To celebrate the New Year we have re-released and super sized our PSP sQuad bundle.
The new edition is the PSP McQ which is the most versatile track equalizer in the PSP sQuad bundle.
If you are still hungry for new EQ plug-ins, give it a try. You're going to like its taste.

We have also decided to extend our Winter Squad offer until 17th of January.
Until 17th of January 2010 you can buy PSP sQuad bundle at the special price of $99*
Starting from 18th January 2010, the regular price of $249* will be applied.
(*all prices exclude taxes)

You can get PSP sQuad at an even better price if you already own plug-ins from our processor pack
(discount rate depends on the quantity and specific plug-ins you already have).

To see your price for the PSP sQuad bundle log-in to your user account at

Happy and Fruitful New Year!
PSP team