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#6321 - 04/24/10 01:11 PM Synchronization Errors and Noise
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I am a long time PSP user, and have had occasional issues with this warning from Logic But now I get them almost every time I adjust the Xenon or the Neon HR plugins, or try to save them during playback. The playback loses sync, goes to crap, and I have to restart Logic. I have upgraded, tweaked, and reconfigured every Firewire, hard drive, and audio interface configuration I can, and I keep coming back to: it only happens when I tweak the PSP plugs. It could be CPU and disk loads, but I am hoping for some advice. My plugins are all iLok and all up to date. I am running OS X 10.6.3 in reg 32 bit mode with 4G of ram and Logic Studio 9 updated. This project is only about 8 tracks with a couple Neons, a couple Xenons, and an Altiverb plug, but the Logic CPU meters don't even show 30%. Any help?
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#6389 - 06/09/10 03:13 AM Re: Synchronization Errors and Noise [Re: benpasley]
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I think this is Neon-related problem. Adjusting Neon in linear-phase mode requires very complex computations to be performed due to its long FIRs. I will think if there's anything I can do to help this.
I would appreciate if you made sure you experience the same issues with Xenon alone.
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