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#6451 - 08/12/10 06:19 AM NEON HR strange behaviour, clipping, etc
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Hello Hubert,

Well, since I upgraded my old PC to a new 4 cores one (Athlon), XP pro system, I have problems with NEON HR. When I turn the knobs, from time to time Neon clips input and outputs to +24 dB or more, everything is red for a few second, and then it gets back to normal. Problem is that it plays audio too, and I thought it would be the end of my monitors once....I put limiter after neon , just for a tweaking to avoid this horrible clicks.
Just to mention it never happened before with old system.
All plugins work as charm, except Neon (I use a lots of yours great plugs).
Sadly I stopped using this great EQ, recently just because this glitch.

all the best

#6752 - 06/15/11 08:58 PM Re: NEON HR strange behaviour, clipping, etc [Re: mel]
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hmm, I have noticed that on my 4 core machine (intel i7) these audio anomalies are occuring more than on a dual core.

I know with some plugins like Rob Papen's, you install a "multi-core" library for C++ or microsoft I can't remember which.

I guess Neon HR is not single / multi core specific. Just one version.

I am confident that PSP will get this sorted out. Neon sounds great though, just gotta get these issues sorted.

#6772 - 06/18/11 12:37 PM Re: NEON HR strange behaviour, clipping, etc [Re: elipsis1]
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Could you please confirm whether those issues still occur with version 2.0.2? We did a lot of effort trying to minimize/remove those artifacts. However, as the problem appears to affect only certain machines and we've been unable to recreate it on ours it's kinda 'blind try'.
Hubert Pietrzykowski
DSP Engineer

#6783 - 06/22/11 10:48 AM Re: NEON HR strange behaviour, clipping, etc [Re: Hubert Pietrzykowski PSP]
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To chime in: the 2.0.2 update is really a major bug fix concerning the audio glitches. For me, adjusting curves during playback is now very smooth, without any hickups, even when doing very fast changes. So thank you for your effort. The Neon is now a superb EQ, soundwise and also functional: the frequency hunter is addictive and very very helpful, this makes Neon a workhorse tool for me.
Cheers PSP!