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#6495 - 11/10/10 12:30 PM Saturation modelling
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I can imagine that classicQ with the Sim button engaged would be a unique case, the rest of the saturation "circuits" in the various sQuad EQs behave uniquely? I.e. would McQ's saturation sound different on a flat EQ than ConsoleQ's?

I'm curious, since there are now a ton of plugins on the market that do console modelling with particualr attention to "faders up" saturation...I'm wondering if these might be in a similar ballpark (and since I already own them, cost-effective!).

Heck I'd buy a plugin that was just the classicQ's Sim and Sat controls. It does something sort of magical to my drum tracks.

#6505 - 11/21/10 12:34 AM Re: Saturation modelling [Re: nulldevice]
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Most of saturations in sQud plug-ins work the same, the classicQ's solution is unique as we prepared really unique processing for this eq. In the future other algorithms will be used as well.

Mateusz Wozniak