Dear user,

We are pleased to announce an update of the PSP MasterComp to version 1.7.1

Download links to newest versions and your authorization details you will find
at your account at PSP Registration Center.

Warm regards from surprisingly warm Warsaw
PSP Team

PSP MC and PSP uC version history

PSP MasterComp v.1.7.1
PSP MicroComp v.1.7.1


Turning PSP MasterComp or PSP MicroComp into Off mode does not stop the internal processing -
it just sets the plug-in into bypass mode except the situation when the SCMonit button is on.


All versions
Demo mode screen audio glitches solved.
Demo early expiration problem solved.
Authorization key problem solved.
Minor compatibility issues solved.
Blocking audio solved.

RTAS for Mac
PSP MicroComp now appears properly