We proudly present new version of our flagship mastering equalizer plug-in - PSP Neon! To overcome the most significant limitations of PSP Neon HR version 1 we decided to develop additional versions of the plug-in, creating the Neon Suite which covers both mastering and mixing applications. Version 2 of PSP Neon comes in three flavors:

- PSP Neon HR - compatible with PSP Neon HR version 1, so your sessions will open and your presets will load. Just like its predecessor, It offers linear
phase processing as well as three spectral resolution levels.

- PSP Neon STD - like HR, but with standard (std) spectral resolution. This is sufficient for all but the most demanding mastering purposes (for which you can always grab HR). STD offers greatly reduced latency (by factor of ~3) and much gentler memory requirements.

- PSP Neon MIX - with its minimum-phase filters (no linear-phase processing) it is very well-suited for mixing, as it introduces almost no latency (just 31 samples), while still providing all other important features such as oversampling, middle-side processing, a spectrum analyzer and the advanced Neon user interface.

But wait, there's more—all three plug-ins share some new exciting features! Among the most significant are:
- third-octave real-time spectrum analyzer with many adjustable parameters,
- frequency-hunting as well as overtone-hunting workflow accelerators for finding the right frequency in seconds,
- response plot auto-zooming,
- EQ band soloing,
- new, 'chunk-based' preset management system (entire band is stored in the session file)
- 64-bit OSX (x86-64) support

PSP Neon version 2 is no longer iLok protected. Instead, it uses PSP Audioware's new, user-friendly license file authorization system.

Warm regards from hot and sunny Warsaw
Antoni Ozynski & Mateusz Wozniak & Hubert Pietrzykowski