Dear PSP user,

Today is April 1—and we have an offer that you'd be a fool to refuse!

We proudly present a brand new version of our flagship multitap delay plug-in: PSP 608 MD!

This is a free upgrade for current users.

And if you don't already own PSP 608MD for today only, we're offering what is arguably one of the most fully-featured and user-friendly eight-tap delay processors available at a completely foolish 67% discount for 49 USD only! From 2nd of April 2012 until 20nd April you can buy PSP 608 MD at the introductory price of $69*. Starting from 21st April 2012 the regular price $149* will be applied.

(* all prices exclude taxes)

Take advantage of our foolishness, and Happy April Fools Day!

Yours PSP team

Edited by Antoni Ozynski PSP (03/31/12 07:22 AM)