PSP L'otary2 FAQ: How to set up MIDI Learn in L'otary with your DAW?

General advice:

In most DAWs (apart from Logic Pro X and MainStage 3 where a bit of additional configuration may be required) the following should work right away, assuming that the MIDI input is set correctly in your DAW:

1. Click the MIDI Learn icon (displayed below, it will turn bright white upon clicking).

2. Move the parameter that you would like to map (for example, click and drag the speed lever).
3. Move the desired controller on your MIDI keyboard or controller (for example, move the mod wheel).

The mod wheel should now be linked to the lever (in other words, the lever should react to the movement of the controller). The MIDI Learn icon's color should change back to gray. If that's not the case, please see below:

DAW-specific FAQ:
Piotr Kryger