PSP L'otary2 FAQ: Steinberg Cubase 8.5

1. Open a new empty Cubase Project (More->Empty).
2. Add a new Audio Track (and name it "L'otary").

3. Add a new MIDI track (in this example named "MIDI")

4. Select the "L'otary" track and add a new instance of PSP L'otary2 in one of the insert effect slots.

5. Select the MIDI track and route its MIDI output to L'otary. Please make sure that the correct MIDI controller (for example, your master keyboard) is selected in the MIDI input slot (in this example, KeyStudio)

6. Please make sure that the Record button is active on the MIDI track.

Additional steps:

Please make sure that the controller that you'd like to use to control L'otary is not used for Quick Controls.

1. Click 'Devices -> Device Setup'. The 'Device Setup' dialog should appear.
2. Select 'VST Quick Controls' and make sure that the controller that the controller that you’d like to use with L'otary is not selected in the VST Quick Controls MIDI Input slot (for example. select Not Connected).
3. Click 'Apply' if you've changed anything and click 'OK' to close the window.

You should now be able to use the MIDI Learn function available in L'otary as described in the General advice section.
Piotr Kryger