I have tested several limiters before I bought the PSP Xenon, including the L1/L2/L3, Izotope's Ozone, T-Racks, but the Xenon is by far the best I have heard because it sounds very clear and gets higher RMS levels than the others mentioned before you start hearing artifacts.

Accourding to the manual there is a treshold were further increasing the loudness via the input knob starts effecting the output with pumping effects.
I would like to have some tips or guides to find this threshold other than carefully listening. Is it possible to visually see when pumping occurs? I am using Wavelab 6, so could I us the PSP Vintage meter on the last slot to find the threshold?

I am asking this because recently I have mastered a track in Wavelab using PSP Xenon at the end of the chain and thought is was fine. However when visiting a friend and listening to it on his computer monitors, I could suddenly hear a very minor pumping effect in the quiter parts of the track. Obviously I have gone just a bit too far with the input knob.

Therefor is it possible to visually see in anyway when pumping occurs, whithout having to check the end result on different speakers?

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